For the first time ever, artists from the legendary imperial capital Xi’an are going to come to Europe with their stunning acrobatics show. They juggle and balance, dance and jump. The unique stage show with its colorful costumes and enchanting scenery – full of passion and on highest international level – takes its visitors on a journey along the legendary Silk Road. This very potpourri brings the “Rainbow over the Silk Road” into existence. Far Eastern poesy and spectacular performances find their way to Europe.img_8928

Performing on tightropes, bars, seesaws, trampolines or wheels – often all simultaneously and synchronously – the artists use drums, jugs, straw hats, rugs, bowls or even lamps just as well as diabolos for their tricks.

Having successfully toured the USA and Asia, the troupe will now be on Europe tour with its 100 minute show in spring 2017!



At the auspicious days of the Tang dynasty, the emperor appoints General Li to lead a caravan to the western Regions, aiming to establish a ribbon of commerce, culture and friendship with the European and Asian countries. Fully loaded with merchandise like silk, tea and porcelain, the delegation sets off from Xi’an directed to the West.

Spacious deserts and snowy fairytale lands unfold before them like paintings, leading them to Persia. A fight of General Li and his soldiers with bandits ends in them rescuing the Roman princess Alice. A fateful encounter…